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I am an artist, so I've started a lot of "good ideas" that have turned out to not be that at all. Some are still good, but I lost momentum by either getting bored with the work or distracted by a new more exciting idea. All of that is okay, but now so many of my UFOs are taking up space. It is time to clear the playing field.... (or be buried under a pile of partially sewn fabric)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

UFO's to be finished and some to give

4/21/2007-am moving some of these to their own blog entries...

Grape Geese: Need to put this one up on the wall and figure out the boarder. I still have the left over fabric reserved for this project. Fun to do, it was shown on a "Simply Quilts" episode and I made the majority of it while my parents were out of town for the weekend when I was living with them in 2001-2002. It would be a nice lap quilt and I still like the colors.
HGTV's "Simply Quilts" episode #758 A Gaggle of Geese with Linda Ballard
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Leaf Silk Organza Doilies: "Doilies" for lack of a better description, started these a few years ago, still like them, but just need to sit with them and finish them. Didn't have a place to put them out until the house I am in now and they would be perfect for fall.
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Crazy Tipping Nine-Patch: Made the top, need to make backing and buy some batting for it. A fun fast top to put together. I want to give this quilt away...
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Plaid Quilt: started to quilt it, but tension was wrong...need to work on it again so I can finish it, but haven't felt like ripping the icky stitches out yet... I want to give this quilt away...
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