flippytale's STASHbusting (works in progress)

I am an artist, so I've started a lot of "good ideas" that have turned out to not be that at all. Some are still good, but I lost momentum by either getting bored with the work or distracted by a new more exciting idea. All of that is okay, but now so many of my UFOs are taking up space. It is time to clear the playing field.... (or be buried under a pile of partially sewn fabric)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pink Log Cabin

Pink Log Cabin - Twin Size. I started this for a childhood friend of mine about ten years ago, we fell out (as usual, a long complicated story to explain why someone I know most of my life is no longer in it) It is about half done, all hand quilted. These are not my colors, but would be nice to give to someone, but who will appreciate the hand quilting?
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