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I am an artist, so I've started a lot of "good ideas" that have turned out to not be that at all. Some are still good, but I lost momentum by either getting bored with the work or distracted by a new more exciting idea. All of that is okay, but now so many of my UFOs are taking up space. It is time to clear the playing field.... (or be buried under a pile of partially sewn fabric)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Flying Geese

Flying Geese - I made this about fifteen years ago from old clothing that I had because at the time I believed that quilts should be made from true scraps and recycle old clothing. The black is very thin and I would worry that it would tear easily. Do I put it together? Do I burden someone else with it?

When I showed it to my stash busting group to determine what to do with it, everyone seemed okay with the debatable fabric I had used in it. Can I still commit to finishing it?

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